Well Woman Care near Ames 

Hey ladies!

Do you have problems with:

~ acne  ~ cramps ~ headaches ~ excess facial hair (hirsutism) ~ PMS  ~ migraine headaches ~ irregular period ~ infection ~ unusual bleeding  ~ monthly abdominal pain ~ frequent vaginal discharge

These might be symptoms of your hormonal cycle out of whack.

Is your period painful?

Have you ever wondered about your hormonal cycle?

Do you have a Reproductive Life Plan:  Are you planning on achieving or preventing a pregnancy?

Are you struggling to get pregnant?

Or have you had repeated miscarriages?

It doesn’t have to be that way anymore!!!!

Obria has answers for you!

You can learn to read the signs in your cycle, learn more about your body, and have an informed choice.

Obria is here to help you!


By Empowering:  Learn how to interpret your hormonal cycle to notice signs. Fertility awareness is useful in helping women to identify the different stages of their reproductive life cycle.

By offering comprehensive healthcare services:  We offer a variety of other services to address your health issues. We can do a further hormonal workup to get to the root of the problem.We can treat you for the causes underlying these irregularities and symptoms. Fertility awareness is also a valuable tool in assisting the women in identifying gynecological disorders

It can be as simple as changing your diet, exercise, and sleep patterns.

By offering Eco-friendly services:  Working with nature, boosting your body’s natural powers.

Identify and watch out for hormones in foods, plastics, and other common sources you may not recognize!  The World Health Organization published a report on those things which put our body off-balance. They call them endocrine disruptors:  they alter your adrenaline, insulin, estrogen, progesterone, and yes, testosterone, your brain, which is the control center of the hormonal (endocrine) system.  In the end, they will indirectly impact the health of every part of your body!

There are very recent and exciting discoveries which will lead you to better health. By watching your hormones, you can detect signs that even your doctor would miss, including serious illnesses that can be treated much more quickly.

We can help you achieve this healthy goal.

Design your Reproductive Life Plan for you and your loved ones.

Understanding how your body works is pivotal in making healthy choices for oneself.

Obria is here to help

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Learn more on our Family Planning page

Femm is for everyone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wdZ2ddYq754

FEMM website: https://femmhealth.org/

Ovulation is a sign of health https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5730019/

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Ames is a city located in the central part of Story County, Iowa, United States. It is located approximately 30 miles (48 km) north of Des Moines, and had a 2017 population of 66,498.[6] The U.S. Census Bureau designates the Ames metropolitan statistical area as encompassing all of Story County; combined with the Boone, Iowa micropolitan statistical area (Boone County, Iowa), the pair make up the larger Ames-Boone combined statistical area.