Parenting Classes

Prepare for parenthood early by talking about what to expect with friends and family who already have children. They can recommend services such as childcare, medical care, parenting strategies, helpful books and other useful tips that you may not yet know about.
Obria Medical Clinics also offers parenting classes for mothers and fathers called Beginnings and the Dad’s Project. To find a program near you, call the Obria near you or email [email protected] for a class schedule. We also have many community referrals. If you or someone you know needs more information, contact us by phone.

Beginnings provides free parenting education classes and peer and mentor support throughout your pregnancy. You and the father-to-be can attend free life-skills classes with other young women and men. The classes include education on healthy pregnancy, budgeting, fetal development, delivery, cooking, nutrition and other topics of interest. As you attend and participate in class, you earn points, which, as accumulated, can be exchanged for brand new baby items and diapers to help you prepare for your baby’s birth.
The Beginnings Program meets once a week near various Obria clinics.

The Dad’s Project is for young fathers-to-be as well as new fathers. Classes are free and held twice a month. The tools and support you receive will help you to make the most out of fatherhood and become a positive role model in your child’s life. Dads are an important part of your baby’s life and Obria Medical Clinics want to help prepare you for fatherhood.

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