Prenatal Care

It is important to receive prenatal care early in your pregnancy to ensure the health of you and your baby. During the visit the Obstetrician or Nurse Practitioner will perform screening blood tests, a urinalysis, physical exam and an ultrasound if necessary. They will also educate you on managing a healthy pregnancy.

Obria Medical Clinics offer prenatal care at their Santa Ana location through your full pregnancy and delivery.  After your limited ultrasound exam (which can be performed at Obria), mothers-to-be can schedule their low cost prenatal visits with the Obstetrician or Nurse Practitioner.

Through the prenatal care services offered by Obria, you stay educated on the health of your pregnancy, receive further education on what to expect, management of complications, and answers to your questions. Our clinics throughout Southern California help inform you of the prenatal care guidelines during your pregnancy.