What do You do when You want to Socially Distance from the Only People You can Socially Distance with?

What do You do when You want to Socially Distance from the Only People You can Socially Distance with?

Too much togetherness can get on anyone’s nerves!  And some of us need more space than others.  Daily changes and unpredictability can add to the tension.  The next time you feel you need to set boundaries for alone time try this:


  • Make it clear that you would like alone time. That “Do Not Disturb’ sign has never been so relevant.  Don’t be afraid to let others know when and where you would like to be alone.


  • Let others know how important this alone time is for you. “I’ll be more fun once I have some time to myself.”  Give a time frame if you have one.


  • Communicate your need to be alone with others in a positive way. “I love being with you, but feel I need some space to be myself right now.”  Reassure them that it is about your needs, not about them.


  • Build alone time into your daily routine and identify it. “I’m going to run, walk, journal, create, listen to music, etc…and be by myself for now.” Explain different people have different ways of dealing with a crisis, and this is what you need to be healthy.


  • Take heart! Your feelings are normal…and it is good to acknowledge them.  This is temporary and what you learn about yourself, and how you relate to others in the process, will be valuable in your future.


If you would like to know more about yourself, how to have healthy-happy relationships, and better relate to others we have tools and resources to help.  Schedule a confidential and caring appointment by calling 800-771-5089 or online at https://www.obria.org/


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Be smart, be safe, be kind.  You matter to us!

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