Holistic Care – Life Coaching Near Suwanee GA

Holistic Care – Life Coaching Near Suwanee GA

Optimal Health for All

Optimal [ op-tuh-muh l ], adj. best or most favorable; optimum. “seeking the optimal solution” 

The overarching philosophy of Obria Medical Clinics in Lawrenceville is “Optimal Health. For All.” This is achieved through approaching healthcare holistically – treating the WHOLE person rather than treating pesky symptoms which may be a symptom of a larger issue.


Think about it like this: Imagine going to the doctor because you have a large splinter in your hand, and, despite your best efforts, you are unable to remove it. After examining your hand, a doctor agrees that it is a complex wound, provides you with something for the pain, puts a bandage over it, and sends you on your way.  The pain medication you were provided has helped you to forget about the splinter and leads you to assume that it is completely healed. One morning you wake up with unbearable throbbing pain in your hand. When you remove the bandage, you are shocked to discover a festering wound. Not removing the splinter and focusing treatment on the symptoms has left you with a raging infection. Now you are faced with a bigger and more complex problem than the one you started with. Our choices can lead to a series of crises that leave an individual feeling overwhelmed and unaware of how to fix the problems with which he/she is faced.


In an effort to help our patients avoid real-life situations like the one described above, Obria Medical Clinics near Suwanee GA currently offers life coaching by trained and certified coaches who follow an evidence-based model that has proven success and is used by the US Public Health Service. Sarah, a client who is currently participating in life coaching at Obria, recently wrote, “Obria Medical Clinics has changed my life in SO many ways!!!!”  When Sarah began attending sessions, she was concerned about how she and her partner’s personalities were clashing and was trying to decide if the relationship was even healthy at that point. She was also struggling with her own identity and was looking for answers to help her figure out where her life was heading. Sarah added, “When people think of counseling, there is some kind of a stigma that goes along with it, and I am not sure why. [The life coaches at Obria] always make me feel like they are just my friends providing objective, open, and different perspectives and opinions. I believe that if I [had not] started counseling I would not be on the path I am on now, which is definitely heading in an upward projection.”


The Obria team will work to help you attack the obstacles you face and welcomes the opportunity to serve you. Optimal Health. For All,” and that includes you.


For more information about life coaching and to learn the necessary life skills to avoid sexual risks.” visit Obria Medical Clinics in Lawrenceville.


“Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”Martin Luther King Jr.


Suwanee is a city in and the county seat of Gwinnett County, Georgia, United States.[4] It is a suburb of Atlanta, located approximately 30 miles (48 km) northeast of downtown. As of the 2010 census, the population of Lawrenceville was 28,546.[5] In 2015 the U.S. Census Bureau estimated the city population to be 30,493. 

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