Pregnancy Testing

The caring staff at Obria Medical Clinics offers urine pregnancy testing and blood pregnancy testing at all of our fully-licensed medical clinics throughout Southern California. Both of these types of pregnancy tests are aimed at producing the most accurate results. If you think you might be pregnant, it is time to have a professional pregnancy test right away.

If you believe you may be pregnant, please schedule an appointment for a pregnancy test at any of our Obria Medical Clinics.

Obria uses a urine-based pregnancy test that is 97 – 99% accurate. A medical professional performs each pregnancy test and your visit will last approximately one hour.

If your pregnancy test results are positive, a nurse will dispense prenatal vitamins. In addition, if your last period was over six weeks ago, a limited ultrasound exam may be conducted at the same visit. If you have a negative pregnancy test at one of our clinics but still have many pregnancy symptoms, we can offer a blood pregnancy test.

In addition, Obria Medical Clinics offer first trimester prenatal care to those who are eligible and not high risk or over age 35 at birth.

Urine Pregnancy Tests

Urine-based pregnancy tests measure the presence of HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin), a hormone produced by the placenta. Click here for detailed information about how HCGs indicate the likelihood of pregnancy.

Other factors that may give conflicting pregnancy test results

Diluted urine at the time of your urine pregnancy test could affect results. The more concentrated the urine, the greater the concentration of HCG (the hormone that determines the likelihood of pregnancy) and the greater the chances of an accurate pregnancy test result. Women with low levels of HCG can test positive for pregnancy when testing with their first morning urination, but have a negative pregnancy test later in the same day. This generally occurs because of higher concentrations of HCG in the morning. If a woman goes to an Obria Medical Clinic late in the day, after consuming liquids, her urine will be diluted and there may not be a high enough level of HCG to detect pregnancy. If there is a question about the test results, it is recommended to confirm the results by retesting the following day using a first morning sample.

Take your pregnancy test first thing in the morning

When pregnancy test results are questionable, we recommend you retest first thing in the morning. If this is not possible, limit liquid intake and go as long as possible without urinating before you come in to an Obria Medical Clinic for a pregnancy test. If you receive questionable pregnancy test results, it’s a good idea to wait 48 hours before retesting. The extra time allows HCG levels to escalate to a more detectable level.

Other conditions that may produce false readings

There are a number of uncommon medical conditions that can skew pregnancy test results. If you test negative after 31 days and your period does not start, Obria recommends that you return to our health clinic for another pregnancy test after your next missed period. If there is still a negative pregnancy test, we recommend you see a doctor. A doctor will be able to order a blood test that will determine if HCG is present and if there are any medical concerns. If you test positive as the result of a medical condition, the doctor will advise you on further medical care.

Our medical clinics provide women around Los Angeles and in Orange County, CA to determine if you are pregnant and provide you with the best education about your pregnancy. Contact an Obria Medical Clinic today to schedule an appointment for a low cost pregnancy test.